MOB-BARS (Mobile Barriers) is a modular protective system with an enhanced capacity to absorb and dissipate projectile, fragment and blast effects. Its main feature is very fast deployment in-situ with manual handling only where heavy machinery is not available. MOB-BARS system can be shaped into various models such as MB-Wall, MB-Tetragon, MB-Hexagon or MB-Tower and their combination. MOB-BARS can be applied at the crowd management, checkpoints, roadblocks, securing hazardous areas with flammable liquids, explosives or gas storage tanks, temporary fences and magazines.
All parts of MOB-BARS system are lightweight enough to be carried manually by personnel. This feature allows building the MOB-BARS in any place without the use of heavy machinery or large-scale terrain adjustments. In addition, MOB-BARS is characterized by an increased turnover resistance. All MOB-BARS products are graded with ballistic classification FB4 according to EN 1522 (.44 Rem. Magnum).

Research and Development

MOB-BARS is continuously dealing with development and testing of the product line with ballistic classification FB7 according to EN 1522 (7.62×51 AP). This type of mobile barrier can be also assembled with manual handling only. This model finds its place of use in military areas to secure perimeters around military bases, for instance.


MOB-BARS is a start-up company focusing on the development, production and sale of mobile barriers made of advanced cementitious composites. Mobile barriers are developed in collaboration with the Czech Technical University in Prague, which guarantees utilization of the most modern trends and latest technologies in research, development and production.


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