L-MOB - Light Mobile Barrier

Universal and modular system of concrete composite based barrier, ballistic classification FB4 according to EN 1522, suitable for police use in cities, security perimeters in cities, crowd management, riots control, possible to build manually by two persons.

Two Mobile Barriers arranged in tandem with air gap in between have ballistic classification FB7. Utilization is at military, check - points, perimeter security and structures of strategic infrastructure.

Research and Development

MOB-Bars s.r.o. have already started the development and testing of products with ballistic classification up to FB7 according to EN 1522. This stronger type of mobile barrier is supposed to have similar weight and therefore it should be built up manually as well. This product will be useful for military in combat to secure perimeters in open field or military base security.


MOB-Bars s.r.o. is company focused on development, production and sale of mobile barriers based on concrete composites. Mobile barriers are developed in collaboration with Czech Technical University in Prague. This collaboration guarantees use of the most modern trends and technologies during the research and development and also in the production itself. Mobile barriers MOB-Bars are characterized by high penetration, break through and turn over resistance. All parts of MOB-Bars can be carried by hand. These characteristics allow building of the MOB-Bars in any place without use of heavy manipulation machinery and largescale terrain forming. MOB-Bars can be applied in places where crowd management, bullet proof or non-transparent barrier is needed.


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